South Florida Contracting Services-residential & commercial home remodeling, fencing, concrete, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco-251-We do residential & commercial contractor work for home remodeling, fencing, concrete services, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco, water heater installation, and any construction related items we can do.

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After disaster strikes, you need a reliable shoulder to lean on. When it comes to reconstructing your home or business from water, fire, or mold damage, look no further than the South Florida Contracting Services team of experts to rebuild your property with ease. We are an exceptional company, with an extraordinary group of experts working under exceptional guidelines for the comfort and satisfaction of our clients.

We are always confident about our services because of various reasons;

South Florida Contracting Services-residential & commercial home remodeling, fencing, concrete, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco-251-We do residential & commercial contractor work for home remodeling, fencing, concrete services, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco, water heater installation, and any construction related items we can do.

Highly skilled personnel; our technicians have hands-on, professional training and experience in a range of services. They have the appropriate expertise in using the latest technology to meet the market needs within the shortest time possible. Our teams’ integrity level is unquestionable; they are certified and have proved beyond any doubt to be trusted and reliable. We follow and comply with all the industry approved standards to the later in every step of reconstruction and mitigation for best results ever. We will build the right action plan for your situation and guide you through every part of the process as we work to restore your property to a better state than before.

Modern Equipment and Technology; our company has highly invested in the latest modern equipment and technology, and this is important in not just hastening the whole process of restoration but also ensuring higher standards for the best results. Moreover, it helps in saving time and money as a lot of work is done within a short period.

 Insurance and Licensing; we understand the risky nature of dealing with water, mold and fire damage restoration. Therefore, all our employees and company are insured to ensure that you and your properties are covered just in case an accident occurs while the work progresses. Our insurance will cover all the costs, and you will not be charged anything in case such damages arise.

Emergency Services; our 24-Hour Emergency Services are available to you 365 days a year. Our experienced customer care team is always ready to provide accurate information as per your needs. Besides, our team of experts can help you through these difficult times and ensure the protection of your property against further damage by providing board-ups, water extraction, temporary power, and heat, or structural drying and cleaning. South Florida Contracting Services is capable of taking care of all of your emergency needs.

Our main services are;

Mold Removal Services; Mold can grow anywhere on a carpet, clothing, food, paper, and even in places you can’t see, such as the backside of drywall, areas inside walls around leaking or condensing pipes, and above ceiling tiles; as long as there are moisture, oxygen, and organic material present. Mold can be good because it is necessary for the decomposition of organic matter in nature as well as making brie and penicillin and but it can also be worse, especially when it grows undetected in your home. Molds interfere with the longevity and aesthetics of items. Not only is a mold problem difficult and costly to fix, but it can also produce allergens and irritants that may compromise your health.

South Florida Contracting Services cares for you; therefore, we put in place measures to curb mold growth like identification of the damp areas and correcting them, ensuring proper drainage around the building, drying all the wet areas within the shortest time possible, improving airflow in the building, enhancing adequate ventilation, equipping the home with mold-resistant products, monitoring humidity indoors. After removing any moldy debris such as sub-flooring or drywall, we treat the hard surfaces with commercial mold control products containing bleach or ammonia, which can help to eradicate any surviving mold. For continued mold prevention in problem areas, we encourage the application of vinegar one to two times a week as well as a regular scrub of the field with borax and water to help prevent and control mold growth.

Mold in homes can cause significant damage and even health risks, but by understanding the range of mold control and mold prevention products available, you’ll be equipped to keep your home mold-free. For more information and the best solution to the mold, menace contact the South Florida Contracting Services.

Water Damage Restoration; when your property has been damaged by water from broken pipes, a freeze-up, or a flood, South Florida Contracting Services has certified water technicians ready to assist you 24/7. Our quick response will help to prevent or mitigate the devastating effects water damage can have on your home, business, or personal property. Our water damage restoration experts are equipped to handle water damage in your home or business no matter the cause.

They will assess the causes and extent of your water damage, explain the loss and our restoration solution procedure in detail, extract the water from your home or business, dry the structure and contents as necessary, then use dehumidifiers and other equipment to ensure no hidden moisture causes additional damage. South Florida Contracting Services experts will document the drying process with specialized moisture meters and charts to ensure your home or business is thoroughly dry. We also provide the necessary documentation to help you through the insurance process

Fire Damage Restoration; Our fire damage restoration process includes mitigating damage, providing smoke damage cleanup, and water restoration as quickly as possible. The South Florida Contracting Services offers an effective emergency response that quickly stabilizes the facility ensuring the recovery of as much property as possible. Some of our experts will carry out the property damage assessment. Once an accurate scope of the loss is determined, our company will provide estimates for clean-up, demo, and repairs to your property. Our dedicated team promptly cleans up the acidic soot, and smoke damage often produced during fire extinguishing because they accelerate the deterioration and corrosion of building components and vital assets.  Nevertheless, more often fire is put off using dry chemicals or water, usually has the toxic smoke odor left behind must be neutralized and deodorized. On completion of the process, the fire damage restoration company can offer tips on how best to avoid future fires. For the best and reliable fire damage restoration services, the South Florida Contracting Services is always at your service.

South Florida Contracting Services is one of a few companies specializing in mold, water, fire damage that is capable of handling your loss from the beginning to the end. Our trained and certified technicians use the latest specialized equipment and technology to address the problem together with its cause correctly. We can also provide you with a complete inventory list of your non-salvageable contents. Our skilled staff is always available to work with you and your insurance company through all phases of the reconstruction and restoration process to make sure that your home or business is better than the pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently.

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