South Florida Contracting Services-residential & commercial home remodeling, fencing, concrete, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco-407-We do residential & commercial contractor work for home remodeling, fencing, concrete services, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco, water heater installation, and any construction related items we can do.

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Everything you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom is available with us, we are your Kitchen Remodeling Contractors, we are the best company you can find in South Florida, count on us to create the best designs for these important areas of your home. We also provide our customers with the Bath Remodeling and Renovations service. Call us now and see your dreams come true with our totally personalized work.

From traditional designs to a total modernization of your kitchen or bathroom. We offer you a great variety of designs and products of the highest quality, we create any design you want, even some kitchen that you have seen on social networks or magazines. Our team will accompany you from the creation of the design to the completion of your project, we provide a first-class service, this keeps us as the first choice of people in South Florida for any type of remodeling in their homes.

South Florida Contracting Services-residential & commercial home remodeling, fencing, concrete, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco-407-We do residential & commercial contractor work for home remodeling, fencing, concrete services, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco, water heater installation, and any construction related items we can do.

Our services

Kitchen Cabinets: we have a wide variety of cabinets, from national brands to the best international brands, we bring the best for you so that your kitchen looks like a magazine and never have to worry about running out of storage space. In addition, we make Custom Cabinetry, these are completely molded to your space and we make them to your liking, whatever you want we created it. If you do not want to completely change your cabinets we offer you the Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing service; We have a team of experts who will do the best job so that your cabinets look like new, we give you a hand of paint, glaze, and finally custom finishes so that they look as you wish.

The installation of cabinets made with your kitchen totally in mind will provide you with impressive benefits:

  • Save space
  • Increase the value of your house
  • They are more durable than conventional cabinets

We make your kitchen a functional place, together with us you do not lose any valuable storage space. Contact us and we will take advantage of every space in your kitchen to make it look beautiful.

We make customized countertop and surface installations for our beloved customers in South Florida. We offer you better styles of marble, custom concrete, modern countertops or with granite or ceramic appearance, we have everything for your kitchen. In addition to this, if you want to complement your kitchen and make it look more luxurious than it already is, we offer you the best designs in Luxury Countertops to combine all your kitchen.

We offer different sink options so you can choose the one you like best, our experts will help you choose which is the most functional and the one that best combines with the rest of your kitchen. We also have a variety of accessories and taps to complement your kitchen. Contact us and we will create a perfect space for you.

You may think that you have a rectangular space without sense, however, our experts manage to see much further, from storage spaces, cubicles, containers, shelves and elegant drawers. We include the Kitchen Lighting service, to create a perfect space, fully illuminated, so you can display all those details that make your kitchen look beautiful.

If you want your kitchen to be a warm place with a family atmosphere. There are many styles influenced by history, our team will create a space that combines perfectly with the rest of your house. Many people do not know the style of their home, that’s why our experts will give you their knowledge to create the best traditional kitchen design you can imagine.

If what you want is a 360-degree turn, we offer Complete Kitchen Renovations so you can free yourself from every space you do not like in your kitchen. From the smallest details to Kitchen Windows & Doors, we have everything to make a total transformation of your kitchen. Our experts will help you look better in your kitchen and combine it with the rest of the house, we also offer the best products to make your kitchen a completely renovated place.

Many people like ecological enthusiasts believe that they can not make any change in their home that makes them help the environment, with our ecological remodeling service, we offer you fresh spaces that connect you with nature. We own products that have less aggressive chemical substances, we offer the service of Custom Woodwork, to give to any place in your home a design with totally customized wood. If you want a contact even closer to nature in which you can share delicious dishes with your family, we offer Outdoor Kitchens for you to spend those summer days with your family in the best place in the house.

If you have a small space for your kitchen and want to do some renovations you should not worry, we have great solutions for your kitchen. Our experts will make your kitchen a fully functional space with a beautiful design. In addition, we make your small kitchen a place with the greatest luxury you can find, with our Luxury Kitchen Designs service, your kitchen no matter how big it will look like never before. You just have to trust our experts and call us.

Our services are not only directed to the residential area, if you want to grow your business in South Florida, but our service of Commercial Kitchen Remodeling and Restaurant Kitchen Remodels is also what you need. Commercial kitchens should be pleasant places in which all employees feel like the best chefs in the city thanks to the versatility offered by your kitchen. We create new places making changes from New Cabinetry, Kitchen Painting so that your kitchen has a comfortable and warm appearance, Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Accessories so that your employees have at hand the best technology tools available in the market and in this way minimize the times in which they make meals. Do not wait any longer and make your business stand out for the quality of its dishes thanks to your totally renovated kitchen. Contact us and we will grow your business.

If you are happy with the design of your kitchen but do not like some things in your bathroom, we also do Bath Remodeling and Renovations. We make bathroom designs to meet your needs, we are ready to exceed your expectations and create Custom Bathroom Renovations.

Shower Remodeling: we are prepared to create a totally functional and beautiful space in your home, we put showers that adapt to your space, we have made Small Bathroom Remodel in the homes of many of our clients, creating an oasis of relaxation. If you have a problem with your shower, we have the solution, our team is expert in Tub and Shower Installation, you should not worry more about those leaks in your bathroom, our team will make your space, a place where you can relax after those arduous days of work.

This is a service created thinking about people with special needs if in your home there are elderly or disabled members thanks to our bathtubs you can show them that you love them and you care about them. We will create a functional space for you and your family, our experts will guide you on which products are the best for your bathroom. Do not wait any longer, we are your Bathroom Remodeling Contractors.

If you find yourself in those days when the work seems endless and you get exhausted to your home, what better way to relax than to take a bath of several minutes in one of our beautiful Jacuzzi. The best technology and modern designs are found in our products, contact us and let us create an oasis of relaxation in your bathroom.

It is time for you to stop looking for remodeling companies that do not meet your expectations, we are your Home Remodeling Contractors, we have a reliable team that advocates fulfilling your project in the shortest time possible, making Home Additions that exceed your expectations and They make your home look like a totally new space in which everyone will want to spend their time. Do not think twice, contact us and we will fulfill your dream of renewal.

Kitchen & Custom Bath Home Remodeling Pros

Custom kitchen and bath remodeling is the trending pattern in modern life. Everyone is looking for designs that match his or her personal interests. After all, your kitchen should not like thousands of rooms out there. Your house should be a reflection of your personality. One of the best firms when it comes to implementing this kind of project is South Florida Contracting Services. Below you will find some reasons why we come top of the list when shopping for custom bath and kitchen remodeling projects.

South Florida Contracting Services-residential & commercial home remodeling, fencing, concrete, epoxy coatings, roofing installation, repairs, EIFS, stucco-405

Top Reasons to Use Our Services

Not all kitchen remodeling contractors have the ability to produce excellent custom-made kitchen and bathroom projects. However, you can trust us if you want to produce an amazing custom kitchen and bath remodeling project. Our main strength lies in the kind of people that we employ to serve our clients. One fact that we appreciate is that kitchen remodeling is more of an art than even a career. Therefore, apart from looking at training and experience, we also pay close attention to talent. We want to take people who are creative because they will help you to come up with very unique designs for your kitchen and bathroom.

All you need to do is explain to our contractors what you want and they will help you achieve it with the highest level of accuracy. These professionals delight in producing great results and will work around the clock to exceed your expectations. The company has also invested in modern equipment that will make sure your custom bath and kitchen remodeling process progresses seamlessly.

We also keep on retraining our employees so that they remain relevant in the market. Our team understands the modern trends in the market and hence will not let you down when it comes to quality. We are aware of the modern trends in the market and hence will give you nothing but the best. What you get at the end of the day will not only be highly utilitarian but also attractive. We will make sure that the look of your custom bath and kitchen blends seamlessly with the overall theme of your home. You can be sure that everyone will want to know who worked on your kitchen and bathroom from the way we will balance the various components of these two rooms.  

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