Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions

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South Florida Contracting Services offers variety of services for remodeling your kitchen and bath. Either your room wide and spacious or have a small surface area our experts render their services equally well. We offer remodeling of master baths, guest baths, and powder rooms, closet, open floor plans, and design/build your residential remodeling.

At our center you will find beautifully displayed, high and best quality products in several kitchen and bath vignettes. You will experience the complete package of design, feel and function, the one you will never find anywhere else.

Obviously, there are a lot of things you need to consider. However, one of the most important services is the countertop material. Although, we have variety of options for you to choose from but of course, you will choose one that will suit your home renovation and lifestyle. Therefore, in order to make this easier for you; kindly have a look at our following services below along with their benefits.


Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

There are number of things that add to the beauty and style of kitchen. Like most of you consider cleaning as a first option and the design that can immediately draw the attention of the people coming to your home, might be the next. Therefore, our contractors are well-trained to handle almost every styling and designing. So visit our center and let our specialists and consultants help you to start your project. So you can bring your kitchen and bath one step closer to reality.


Kitchen Cabinets

We have numerous options for you to choose from because we know, you will only choose the one that matches your style. We deliver:

  • Tedd Wood
  • Merillat Masterpiece
  • Marsh Furniture
  • Custom-designed cabinets
  • Solid Wood Construction.
  • Dovetail Drawers.
  • Stainless Steel Drawers.
  • Soft- Close Features.
  • Exotic Veneers.
  • High Gloss Finishes.


Traditional Themed Kitchens

Our team can also skillfully design the themes regarding various traditions. Themes like Savanah, conservative, café, ranch, African tribe, oriental, avant-garde, sunset, art-deco, art nouveau, nature, psychedelic, disco bar, pop-culture and many others. Even if you have your own idea about designing and decoration, we can help. So give us call and allow us to make your dream world a reality.

What is 15+7?


Contemporary Kitchens & Kitchen islands

We also offer the designing and installation of contemporary kitchens and kitchen islands. If you truly seek the attention of your guests then we are the best option for that. Due to having various options from simple sleek to modern contemporary, our experts can add appeal to your residential area with their skillful hands.

Because we know that your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, the time you spend in it should be filled with beauty and relaxation. We always devise a plan that will not only fits your budget but also fulfils your need. So you can trust us in anyway.


Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces

Are you thinking, what kind of material should you choose for remodeling? Of course, with so many options to choose from; you might get confused. Therefore, our company provides a guide regarding various materials. Kindly, go through it so you can have an idea about what suits you best.



If you are thinking about something natural then quartz is on the top of the list. It certainly gives a beautiful, glassy and natural look to your kitchen and bath. It is available in variety of colors so you can decide easily about what matches your needs and desires.


Just like quartz, marble is another material that guarantees a natural and beautiful look for your kitchens and baths. Its classy and never-fading appearance never goes out of style.


Want a neat look then glass is a perfect option for that. Modern life is certainly unimaginable without since it adds transparency to the view


We also offer granite countertops. The material adds beauty and style to your area while giving a natural appeal just like marble and quartz.


This material is made from the mixture of resins and pigments with quartz. So in short this material consist of 90% quartz and remaining 10% is composed of resins and pigments.

What is 15+7?


Other services

Other than the above-mentioned services, we also deliver high performance in case of replacements and installations like new cabinetry, luxury kitchen designs, kitchen flooring, custom woodwork, kitchen appliances, painting and accessories.


Bathroom Remodeling

Our tea is also expert in remodeling your bathrooms. We have variety of options in this regard as well. So if you want some replacement, addition or a repair, give us a call we’ll be right there for you. Below is the guide of the services we offer:


Bathroom tubing

Our company is proud to present a great and beautiful range of tubing. Our specialists can skillfully install the type of tubing you want in your bathroom. We offer great variety of materials so it would be easy for to choose suitably. Either it is for some sort of Jacuzzi or a spa, we are here to help.

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Walk-in tubs renovations

Enjoy the comfort, safety and accessibility of a walk-in bathtub from South Florida Contracting Services! If you have accessibility issues, bathing can be a risky task due to setting the water temperature by reaching down, then climbing over the bath ledge, trying not to slip in the tub… These are every-day hurdles for seniors and others with mobility challenges. Our walk-in bathtubs have the same comfort and come complete with a leak-proof, easy to open and close door. They are also equipped with a comfortable seat. So you can finally relax in the tub without worrying about the fear of bathroom falls.

Shower remodeling

We have also specialized in the field of shower remodeling. Our team of experts can skillfully handle any kind of situation and help you to achieve the bathroom of your dreams

Bathroom vanity

With a huge range of choices, we offer vanities for your bathroom that are not only beautifully styled, the one that is easy on your eyes. While maintaining the impression, our team of experts can certainly deliver high and quality performance. So contact us and so we can help you to take one step closer to your dream.

Shower doors and enclosures

We have great options for you in case of shower doors and enclosure. A right selection in this case can simply transform your bathroom in something you ever dreamed and no one can do this better than us in South Florida. We provide grand variety of materials ranging from glass to wood. So allow us to add beauty and style to your washroom, by simply giving us a call.

Bath walls surrounds

South Florida Contracting Services also offers wall surrounds for bathtubs and showers. We also manufacture custom designed surrounds for your individual bathroom. Our wide selection of colors, textures and patterns allows you to design your bathroom as you wish. Either the material is non-porous or some sort natural-stone, our experts can skillfully install it for you.


Home Remodeling contractors

While you are to make improvements at your home, you might be confused at times due to number of reasons like whom to trust? Where should you start? What will suit you the best? etc. don’t worry just trust us, contact us and we’ll provide an expert team of contractors for you. Of course, we know that you have consider variety of reasons in this case like budget, suitability, hygiene, maintenance and much more. Therefore, our team of expert consultants is here to guide you about each option you choose for designing purposes.

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Home Additions

This is the major construction project that involves the things as big as some sort of safety ring to tiny addition like racks, shelves or others. This project greatly influences the appearance of your house. Therefore, our team works hard with high consideration and responsibility by keeping it mind, what matches your building the best. So either it is simply some sort of protrusion or conservatory, our team will work hard to get you what you ever dreamt in your life. Because we know that there is no such thing like a one-size-fits-all house addition. It has different types depending on what you demanded.


Contact us

Now you have the guide of our services, so what are you waiting for? Just pick up the phone and call us, so we will help to make your dreams a reality.


Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions

The best wat to add value to your home is by remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom. Most people will tell you that these are the most important rooms in your house. In fact, most home buyers solely rely on the kitchen and bathroom to make a purchase decision. You will find them matching straight to these two rooms before they check on the other elements in the house. No wonder most sellers will seriously renovate these two spaces whenever they are planning to list the home for sell.

Owing to these facts, kitchen and bath remodeling has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the modern world. We have more and more people who are joining this industry in order to reap from these benefits. As a result, you need to be extremely careful as you choose kitchen and bath remodeling contractors. You need to have someone who has your interests at heart. South Florida Contracting Services is the best service when you want to remodel your kitchen. There are so many reasons that make us rank top and we are going to share some of them here;


Top Reasons to Hire Our Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Experts

There are so many things that make us to stand out in the market is as far as kitchen and bath remodeling is concerned. First, we have thousands of kitchen and bath remodeling plans that we can implement in your home. There is no way you are going to fall short of ideas as long as you are working with our kitchen remodeling experts. We will evaluate your space and give you the best remodeling ideas depending on the size and shape of your room.

The other advantage with our company is that we install all types of kitchen and bath remodeling projects. We will not fail to work on your project because you are using a certain type of material. Our experts do installations for virtually all types of bath and kitchen remodeling works. The good thing is that they use industry recommended standards to handle all these renovations. We will not let you down in as far as quality is concerned. We use high quality materials in all our tasks so as to assure you of the best in terms of durability. 

You cannot also compare the customer service levels that we offer to any other brand in the industry. First, we will give you a long warranty period as a sign of the trust that we have in our services. We are confident with the quality that we product and hence we will not hesitate to give you a warranty. We have also insured all our services so that you are covered in case something goes wrong during the process. Our company has met all the legal requirements to run business in the industry. We have a license to run business as a kitchen and bath remodeling company.

What is 15+7?


The appearance of your kitchen and bathroom are also very important. We strive to give your bath and kitchen spaces the best aesthetic appeal. Our team of experts will make sure that the appearance look of your kitchen blends so well with the theme of the whole house. This is the only way we will make sure that your house stand out from the rest. Great thanks to our team of experts who will work around the clock to make sure that you get nothing but the best.


Here is a list of our services you can get at South Florida Contracting Services:

  1. Aluminum Fences
  2. Aluminum Roofs
  3. Aluminum Screen Enclosure
  4. Bath Tub Reglazing & Tub Resurfacing Contractors
  5. Best Roofing Contractor in West Palm Beach
  6. Carports & Awnings
  7. Chain Link Fences
  8. Commercial Custom Tile Installation
  9. Commercial Fence Installation
  10. Commercial Flat Roof Installation
  11. Commercial Flooring
  12. Commercial Painting
  13. Commercial Popcorn Removal
  14. Commercial Roofing
  15. Commercial Screen Enclosures
  16. Concrete Brick Pavers
  17. Concrete Brick Pavers
  18. Concrete Driveways
  19. Concrete Driveways
  20. Concrete Grinding
  21. Concrete Overlayment
  22. Concrete Polishing
  23. Concrete Sidewalks
  24. Concrete Underlayment Service Pros
  25. Cork Floors
  26. Corso Premium Screen Enclosure
  27. Crown Moldings
  28. Custom Concrete and Countertop Solution
  29. Custom Tile Installation
  30. Drywall Installation
  31. Drywall Repair
  32. EIFS Repairs
  33. Engineered Floors
  34. Epoxy Floor Finishing
  35. Fence Repair & Replacement
  36. Fire Damage
  37. Flooring Repairs
  38. Glass Rooms
  39. Hardwood Floor Repair
  40. Hardwood Floors
  41. Install Pet Screens
  42. Iron Fences
  43. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service Solutions
  44. Kitchen & Custom Bath Home Remodeling Pros
  45. Knockdown Texture
  46. Laminate Floors
  47. Lanai Conversions
  48. Lattices
  49. Masonry
  50. Masonry
  51. Metal Roofing
  52. Mold Removal
  53. Orange Peel Ceilings
  54. Outdoor Enclosures
  55. Patio Covers
  56. Patio Screen Enclosures
  57. Pergolas
  58. Phifer Screen
  59. Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Repairs
  60. Pool Screen Enclosures
  61. Popcorn Removal and Finish Removal
  62. Privacy Walls
  63. PVC Fences
  64. Regular Roof Maintenance
  65. Repair Screen Enclosure
  66. Residential Custom Tile Installation
  67. Residential Painting
  68. Residential Popcorn Removal
  69. Residential Roofing
  70. Retaining Walls
  71. Roll-Down Screen
  72. Roof Lead Repairs
  73. Roof Repairs
  74. Shingle Roofs
  75. Smooth Ceiling Finish
  76. Solariums
  77. Spa & Hot Tub Screen Enclosure
  78. Stack CBS
  79. Stucco and EIFS
  80. Stucco Repair
  81. Stucco/EIFS
  82. Sunrooms
  83. The Types of Tiles
  84. Tile Installation & Contractor
  85. Tile Maintenance
  86. Tile Repair
  87. Tile Roofs
  88. Vinyl Fence
  89. Water Damage
  90. Water Heater Install and Replacement Services
  91. Water Restoration
  92. Wood Fences

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What is 15+7?