Wood Fences

Wood Fences

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While some individuals may have an idea about wood fences, there are a few mistakes that are made commonly during the process of construction. You will have the ability to construct a fence that looks good and last for long before keeping tips in the mind.


Posts and Spacing

The commonest mistake of constructing wood fences is not setting your posts very deep. The holes of posts need to be eight feet apart and two feet deep. While utilizing the fence post hole digger to make these holes, utilizing it at an angle to make the anchor area on the bottom of every hole. Doing this will make sure that posts are more stable and secure.


Posts of timber do not get stuck to concrete

Many people do not have awareness that wood do not get stuck to concrete. In sites of construction, wood forms are used to frame the concrete. And when the concrete dries, nails holding the frame will get eliminated and wood forms will fall off.

Therefore, two bottom feet of each post for the fence need to get covered with the black roof tar to assist concrete stick to wood posts. The tar assists in preventing rotting and insect infestation.


Not allowing concrete to set

The other common mistake while building wood fences is that concrete is not allowed to get fully dry before beginning the process of installation. When the installation starts very quickly, it will probably knock posts of the fence from the level. Also, if concrete is not set up completely, there may be a lot of space between the post and the concrete.


Not utilizing enough rails

Builders doing it by themselves utilize just two rails in the posts. But the best way of building wood fences that may endure time is enhancing its stability and strength by use of three rails of fence.

Install slats more than eight inches beneath the rail and above top rails. Doing this is helpful in ensuring that the fence will be very strong for many years to come.


Not waterproofing bottom lips

Make sure that the bottom lip is waterproofed for the rails and boards. Water will have to run down so that you realize bubbling in your paint found on the bottom part of boards and rails. Some individuals forget that timber sucks water, which causes a lot of wood damage like rotting and warping. Sealing this location will make the fence to last for a very long time.


Easy to Fit

Unlike other fence types like wrought iron and vinyl, wood fences are quite easy to install. In case the post is taller than others, it can get cut to desired lengths even after setting the concrete footing. Metal and vinyl posts have fabrication, meaning their heights are not easily adjustable.


Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden fencing is vital for adding the required aesthetic value to your home. Aesthetics of the wooden post can be gotten through various ways that include painting, carving, and staining. Water resistant stains and paints can get purchased from a local paint store or local hardware and homeowners have options of choosing favorite hues and colors of stain. Additionally, it is possible to repaint wooden posts regularly to change their looks and prevent them from looking worn out or dilapidated.

Wood fences are common sights in so many neighborhoods. These structures are attractive and can be customized to complement the home or landscape. They provide unique characteristics appealing to consumers. Below are some reasons that wood fences continue being populous additions to residential yards.



Wood is among materials that are very durable in the market. It has the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions that may occur at any time. Torrential rains, extreme temperatures, and strong winds do not match the wood. With the right routine sealing and proper installation, the wood fence has to remain sturdy and beautiful for many years.



The benefit that wood has over alternative fencing material is that it is a product that is natural. A lot of homeowners like the way wood blends with landscaping and yard. Wood complements all-natural components in the yard. Many homeowners go to South Florida Contracting Services to choose the right fence to blend with your home.



This is among the best characteristics of this fence because it can get designed and cut to fit your area. This ends up making it the best choice for homeowners that have uneven or irregular lots to the fence. Wood provides so much flexibility in design, allowing qualified builders at South Florida Contracting Services to meet or even exceed what you expect. Whether the yard is big or small, the fence can bear the design of fitting your home and enhance your home’s appeal.



When installed in the right manner, wood fences will become impossible to compromise or knock down. You will get peace of mind when you know that pets, loved ones, and children are secure and safe in the yard. And, solid wood fences act as deterrents to trespassers and thieves that may be on the lookout for victims.



Should any problem like storm damage your fence, the area can get replaced or repaired minus disturbing the remaining fence.


Timeless and beautiful

There is a timeless and elegant appeal to wood fences that are classic. It does not go out of style and complements the looks of your home. The quality of wood alongside staining makes the fence to look beautiful at all times.it can get painted when you prefer colors in the place of natural looks.



It is quite easy to extend the current wood fence and make it long. Homeowners can attach their fences to the existing fences of neighbors to ensure that it is enclosed securely.



Wood fences are extremely affordable than the way you think. The primary cost is quite affordable than vinyl. Speak with South Florida Contracting Services professionals to find out about their pricing.

Proper installation is crucial for a long-lasting, attractive fence. Make sure that you are working with professionals that are experienced in installing and designing wood fences. They should have the ability to give you tips of maintenance to improve longevity and appearance of the fence.

A new-fangled fence is a huge investment. When maintained in the right way, it adds value and function to the home. Take enough time to explore options before selecting wood or other fence types. Make sure that you understand the requirements of keeping the fence looking great and sturdy for many years.