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Stucco Repair South Florida

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We cannot question that the efforts of decorating are incredibly varied and dynamic from one home to another. Basically, this is something which allows everybody owning a business or home to showcase his sense of style and his personal preference when it comes to providing incredible means of appeal to decoration and pleasing overall aesthetics. In this process, we are very influential which make it quite important to understand effective steps we use at Stucco repair South Florida Contracting Services. 

This material is usually available on walls and is quite strong and durable; which is something that is surprising to many people. Stucco repair procedure allows for so much ease when applying and keeping the material maintained at all times. We use countless materials in the overall structure, which provides incredible longevity and durability in the whole process of design.

Providentially, as the whole process and composition of stucco is quite simple by nature, it makes it easy for us to maintain and repair it at all times. Therefore, you need to start by fully and thoroughly understanding the process with which stucco can get repaired to keep the wall solid and clean at all times. Understanding these steps will give you a difference between spending money and keeping things durable and simplistic at all times.

When we notice any hole in your stucco, one of the steps we use to repair is placing a hard object inside the hole immediately. This will help in preventing the remaining stucco from becoming loose and caving in. That could end up being detrimental to the strength and longevity of the whole wall. Therefore, remember to call Stucco repair South Florida Contracting Services immediately you notice a hole in the stucco.

Also, if we notice a hole, there needs to be a drywall or sheet rock put in the hole immediately. This piece has to conform to the hole size present to provide effective methods of not compromising the rest of the structure. We do this in the right manner to help the repair procedure to run smoothly.

After putting the drywall in place and supporting the location with a hole, there needs to be putty or drywall utilized to keep the pieces in place. This will ensure that the material does not loosen when stucco is utilized and offers fundamental support in the whole process. It is fortunate to note that this process is not expensive and is easy to apply.

The next step we will take is mixing the stucco material with water to correct levels of inconsistency. This step is quite easy to do and just requires you to follow the directions on the material. Therefore, we mix the required amounts of material and water to the desired consistency. We will ensure that the stucco blends well with the current stucco. We will use soft and slow strokes with novel stucco to make sure that it blends well. This is helpful in the process of drying.


The procedure we use

Sometimes we remove stucco from your building to determine if there was proper installation of flashing, repair damaged wood, replace leaky windows, or other things that would need the removal of stucco surrounding windows. We make it possible to restore and patch the membrane of the stucco. The procedures we use to remove stucco vary depending on overall remediation, framing, and substrate plans. The outlined procedure below for removing and replacing stucco is not specific to window flashings and installation.  There are several styles and types of windows and various methods of flashings. This write-up has the intention of focusing on cement and lath plaster for remediation.

We start by advising you to determine your expectations and know the finishing options we have at our company. You can visit our website to see the available options. The options of finishing repairs around your windows depends on your desires and has to be discusses before we start the work. We will use the following steps to help you know of the options, decisions, and help clear confusion for involved parties.



We will carry out an extensive evaluation of the external plaster with the help of our experienced personnel before helping you make a decision for final repairs. The crucial item required in determining the scope of repairs is the finish coat on your building and the condition of your walls. If the building was painted, what was the utilized paint? We will have limited repair options if the buildings have elastomeric paints.


Removal of stucco

The removal of stucco can be dusty and our professionals come armed with eye protection, protective clothing, and respirators. The best method we use to remove stucco is by using the power saw to cut stucco. The setting of the blade is done to be shy of the entire width of the membrane of stucco, which is always three quarters of an inch. This will end up protecting the weather resistive membrane against damage. We will keep adjusting the masonry blade depth because it wears down quickly.

We will cut the stucco to approximately twenty-four inches from the frame of the window. We will place vertical cuts far from the window because they have to reach the other framing member. After completing the saw cuts, we will place the cold chisel in the cut to fracture or break the remaining plaster thickness that is uncut. We will then pull off the remaining stucco from the wall with minimal damage to the membrane underneath. For large removal areas, we will cut the stucco in squares that are easy to handle.

In other cases, the membrane will get adhered to the back of your stucco. In these examples, it is advisable to get the stucco back to the point where it binds with the membrane.


The stucco we cut will be smooth and straight and recommendations are that the edges need to be rough and jagged. A nice bond will come from this new patch and will minimize chances of separating the crack. We will use a hammer to chip small sections away, leaving sections of the metallic lath exposed.

We will peel back the membrane to minimize holes, tears, and other damages to it. We will leave some of the existent membrane for proper integration and lap with the flashings. An overlap of two inches horizontally and six inches vertically will be necessary when handling the final lathing.


Remediation of stucco

We have qualified personnel at the company who will handle all flashings, windows, sheathing, and framing. There are several methods, products, and options that we will use to flash your windows. Many of these methods have their guides on the site. We have our guides that recommend that all flashings and membrane have to be installed in the shingle fashion if possible.

This is to mean that all overlapping layers will direct water to the weep point. This will include peel and stick membranes of flashing, PVC, and metal flashings. We will then use the asphalt emulsion on the exposed surface on the membrane to seal minor tears and holes. Compatibility material and products need to be checked before installation. Some materials may have reactions to products with saturated asphalt or products bonded with polyolefin.


How we will identify failure of stucco

There are various signs that point towards the failure of stucco. Look keenly at the interiors and exteriors of the home, if you notice any of the signs below, your home is experiencing failure of stucco and it is time to call Stucco Repair South Florida.


Exterior Signs

Breaking or cracking

Brown streaks appearing below window corners or window joints

Brown streaks at intersections of roofs and walls


Interior Signs

Leaking doors or windows

Discolored bottoms of windows

Warped base trim

Moldy smell inside the home

Wet carpet

As home renovation contractors or home builders, we come across failure of stucco on common bases. In many cases, homeowners are never aware that there is a problem until it gets uncovered when replacing the window or when adding something in the home.


Recommendations for Replacement

In case you have belief that the home has stucco failure, it is better to act soon. In cases of moisture damage, more costly and larger cultural issues may occur if you wait for so long to fix issues. There are cases where support columns get effects of moisture to the extent that floors and ceilings of the home begin sagging. Health issues coming from molds are things you would love to handle immediately.

Some people will choose to employ Stucco Repair South Florida remediation contractors to patch and repair their stucco. As seasoned and experienced home builders, we will start by removing the damaged stucco, replace and repair damaged windows and other affected products in the building, and then install a reliable siding. If the area you are living in has heavy precipitation, it is advisable to choose material that has better fit for the home in the place of a product that will fail you again.

We recommend the use of fiber cement siding for new and replacement homes. There are many manufacturers of cement siding that offer products of extensive budgets. These products usually have a warranty of thirty years, are resistant to rot, highly durable, impervious to termites, can be painted with ease, and have real wood-grain feel and look.