Stack CBS

Stack CBS

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As the air in the house becomes warmer, it tends to become more buoyant and less dense. The implication is that warm air tends to rise. This effect can be used to naturally ventilate the building. The cool outside air is drawn to your building at the lower levels and then gets warmed by the heat sources in the building like solar, heating, equipment, and people. The cool air then rises through the building for venting out at a higher level.

This creates a pressure area at the building top and a negative pressure region at the bottom level. The above process can occur without any mechanical assistance by just introducing several openings at the bottom of the buildings. This is referred to as stack ventilation or the stack effect. Stack CBS plays a critical role in the building and construction industry.

Stack BCS ventilation is an effective way of naturally ventilating tall buildings that have vertical spaces that rise through their height.  It can be highly beneficial in deep buildings that don’t have sufficient cross ventilation. The ventilation may not be enough to penetrate to the spaces that are in the heart of the building.

There are several factors that influence the effectiveness of stack ventilation in your building. These include the effective region of openings, the stack’s height, the difference in temperature between the top and bottom of the stack, and the differences in temperature outside your building.  Roofing PBC will assess all these elements before providing the required ventilation to your home.

Most buildings have a relatively weak stack force. However, the force can be strong enough to fly a kite especially when dealing with large buildings. Therefore, it may be critical to have large openings that have a minimal level of resistance.


The pressure varies through the height of the building. The outside pressure is normally higher than the inside one at the bottom of the building. However, the inside pressure is higher at the top. As a result, it will lead to a neutral plane where the external and internal temperatures will be equal. Above the internal air pressure and neutral plane will be positive and hence the air will tend to exhaust to the outside. The internal air pressure will be negative below the neutral place and there will be a tendency of the air being drawn into the building. This will call for a careful design to make sure that the neutral plane is above the spaces that require ventilation from the outside.

Stack ventilation is not ideal for all types of buildings. Stack effects will need the internal temperature to be above the outside one. This may not always offer sufficient cooling effect by itself and it may be necessary to have additional cooling. Rooms that are adjacent to the warm section of the stack may have unwanted heat gains and  poor ventilation.

Therefore, designing of natural ventilation can be a complex process because there is an interaction between the stack effects and cross ventilation together with complex distribution of openings and complex building geometries. This may even call for computer analytics. Roofing PBC offers the best solutions if you are looking for top stack CBS services. These professionals will make sure that you have the best ventilation in your home. Feel free to call us today to bring any ventilation problems in your home to an end.