Iron Fences

Iron Fences

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Iron fences or iron gates are attractive additions to your property. However, so as to keep the gates and fences looking good, you will have to maintain them constantly. To make sure that the iron gates and fences are looking beautiful, keep the maintenance tips below into consideration.


Take protective measures

Twisted iron fences can rust when exposed to aspects like humidity and rain. While this is not a big issue in some climates than others, it is smart to invest in steps of preventing damage. You can apply a protective coat to the fence to ward rust off and cover the fence with tarp during occasional rainstorms. In case the iron fence is near the pool, rust will most likely develop; therefore, applying protective sealants will be a good idea.


Paint the gate and fence

Painting the wrought iron gate and fence will help in protecting them against any form of damage. Paint formulates a barrier between the air and the iron, minimizing the rate of oxidation and reducing the likelihood of developing rust. Additionally, a fresh paint coat will make your gates and fences to look attractive.


Clean the fence

It is possible to clean your dirty iron fences and gates by mixing the dish detergent with warm water. After cleaning rust spots and dirt away and notice that there are areas that are hard to reach, use a toothbrush to clean these areas and then rinse with fresh water. Allow the fencing to dry fully. Cleaning the fencing will keep the iron looking great and make it easy to spot other issues.


Regularly inspect the iron fence

You need to inspect your iron fences and gates regularly to identify any areas that require repairs. Look for unstoppable or loose footings, rust, or other damages like cracks. In case the fence has painting, look to identify chips in your paint. You can then take steps of repairing the damage you find. Immediately after noticing an issue, you will realize that any issue with the fence can get fixed.


Repair rust spots

In case a minute area on the fence has started rusting, you can start taking steps of minimizing damages. Use steel or sandpaper to eliminate rust, and then stop corrosion by applying wax. Touching the fence paint up will minimize rust appearance. Nevertheless, in case the fence is rusted severely, you may have to call South Florida Contracting Services specializing in the repair of iron fences.


Fix sections of the fence

There is a possibility that the accident can bend a part of the fence. In case this happens to the fence, you will have the ability to fix yourself. Employ a blowtorch to heat bent sections on the fence and hammer them to get back to their position. As usual, be cautious while working with tools and then call South Florida Contracting Services if the damage is serious.

Iron fences are versatile and can be used alongside other fencing types to create more protection. There are those fences that were utilized with brick and would seem stately in front of the home. Many will choose ornate iron fences to make the home look grandiose. This fencing type has enjoyed popularity for many centuries.