Flooring Repairs

Flooring Repairs

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When you think about the punishment that daily foot traffic produces, you will understand that the stairs and floors withstand extreme pressure. However, tear and wear will have their way in the long run, and this will call for flooring repairs. Squeaks begin to develop minor damages afflict the sturdy sheet flooring and tiles; burns will dot your carpets or the surfaces of your flooring tiles will start to expose their age and require refinishing or replacement. The beauty about flooring repairs it that they can be more simple than you think. The content of this article will give the solutions on how to solve some of these problems.

An excellent beginning point could be how to get squeaks from your floors. Having squeaks on your floors is not a severe structural problem, but they tend to be quite annoying. If your hardwood floors are exposed, you can stop the squeak through the sprinkling of talcum powder over those noisy boards and then sweeping it forth and back to force its way down in the cracks.

If there is a crawl space or basement under the noisy floor, you can work from this area as you try to locate the problem. You will require an assistant upstairs to walk along the squeaky spot as you continue with the flooring repairs. Watch the subfloor beneath your noisy floorboards as the person who is helping you steps on the floor that is above. If you can point out the noise or the subfloor moves visibly, use a piece of chalk to outline the affected areas. Identify the gaps that are between the joists that are close to your outlines. The floorboards will always move in places where there is a gap and hence call for flooring repairs. Install wood shims or shingles to stop squeaks in the gap and minimize the movements.


If you don’t notice any gaps along the joists or the squeaks come from a region that is between the joists, there could be a gap between the subfloor and the floorboards. Install wood screws up via the subflooring in the squeaky areas to pull these two layers together.  Don’t forget to drill pilot holes before you insert the screws so that the wood does not crack. The wood screws should be long enough to penetrate the floor above but not too long to get through the boards and then stick up via the flooring.

If you are unable to get under the floor, you will have no otherwise but to work from the top with the spiral flooring nails. Start by locating the squeak and then establish whether it is between joists or at a joist. Drive two spiral flooring nails that are angled towards each other in a V to remove the squeak through the subfloor and floorboards. Start by drilling pilot holes to prevent the boards from splitting.

If you are dealing with a carpeted or tiled floor and cannot get at the floorboard from below or above, you may be forced to remove the floor covering to eliminate the squeak. However, you can try to reset the loose floorboards through pounding before you take this action. The pounding pressure can force the loose nails to get back in place. South Florida Contracting Services can help you with any flooring repairs at competitive rates in the market.