Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors

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Floor manufactures make engineered hardwood floors from several wood layers that they stack in the opposite directions. This option comes with several advantages for homeowners. It’s good to understand the features and benefits of each flooring design before you make an educated choice. South Florida Contracting Services are on the leading end when it comes to working on any engineered floors. Here are some of the benefits of engineered floors that will make you choose this option.


Moisture Barrier

The challenge with most hardwood traditional floors is that they are affected by moisture. However, this is not the case when dealing with engineered floors. The units have multiple layers that act like moisture barriers that will prevent your floor from warping when the levels of moisture rise. Moisture resistance is one of the most critical features of engineered floors.



Since you need less wood to make the complete product, engineered floors are more affordable than the other hardwood materials. The price difference is higher when you are comparing the cost of these engineered units with that of popular woods like maple or exotic wood.


Easy Installation

It’s not wise to install the hardwood floors on your own because you can fit it in the wrong way. South Florida Contracting Services is the best option when looking for exemplary results. However, the same case does not apply when dealing with engineered floors. You can install these floors on your own as long as you have some basic skills. However, it’s a good practice to leave this work to professionals if you want high-quality floors. All you need to do is purchasing tiles of the desired flooring material in the right sizes, and you will be ready to install the floor.  The next step is to glue these pieces together on the cement slab. You can also staple or nail the parts if you don’t want to stick them together. The other beautiful thing is that you can install these materials on a broad range of floors.



Several factors determine the longevity of engineered floors like the top veneer thickness. The engineered floors will last as long as the solid materials do. Make sure that the parts have multiple parts if you want to be sure that the engineered floors will serve you for long. The flooring materials should also have heavy finishes that will help you to protect the surface from tear and wear. In case you are contemplating buying unfinished floors, be careful to install high-quality seal and stain.

In conclusion, engineered floors carry several benefits for homeowners. One drawback of these floors is that it is not possible to sand it down and refinish it several times. You can solve this problem by choosing an engineered floor whose top layer is more than one-eighth of an inch. The most important thing is to take good care of your wood for it to last you for an extended period. Call South Florida Contracting Services for the best engineered floors in the region.