Crown Moldings

Crown Moldings

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Are you looking for a unique thing that will that will enhance the architectural flair and add the charm of your room? One of the most appropriate options are the crown moldings. The market has hundreds of styles that you can select from and multiple ways of using this versatile design element for sprucing up your room. It ranges from dramatic decorative moldings around the fireplaces, windows, and doors, to the lighted ceiling molding. Crown moldings will add character and elegance to the decoration of your home. This article will give you the top crown molding ideas that you can use while planning to renovate the living space.

Crown moldings add an idiosyncratic trim in the place where the ceiling and wall meet even though you can still use it in the other areas of your home. These moldings will make your room to look taller, increase elegance, and camouflage all the remolded regions. Moldings come in several materials, and you can leave those that are manufactured from wood stained, painted, or natural. The other raw materials that make crown moldings include PVC, polyurethane, composite, and plaster. The installation of crown moldings calls for careful cutting and measuring but it’s worth the effort. Apart from adding architectural interests, crown moldings will also enhance the value of your home.


One of the most interesting decorative options is lighted crown moldings that create a bright ambient that is inviting and soft. You can design it from a two-piece system that has lighting in the lower molding that project upwards. Moldings for indirect lighting is a popular way of entertaining home theaters and rooms. With these subtle, indirect lights, you and your family members can watch a movie and unwind while having an illuminated walkway. The room will be more inviting and elegant with ambient lighting. LED rope lights work quite well to deliver the desired effect.

The other incredible idea about crown moldings is adding it above the fireplace. With an elegant molding that surrounds the mantel and fireplace, it will turn into an eye-catching focal point in your room. However, in some instances, the scale may be smaller than you would like especially if you wish to create a more dramatic impression. When you add crown moldings to your ceiling, together with paneling or millwork above the mantel, it will create a cohesive unit that will add character and create a character.

You can significantly enhance a room that does not have charm by adding crown moldings above the doors to contrast or match with the moldings at the ceiling. The door casings or surrounds frame the door and the crown trim that is placed over the door will help in drawing the eye up. The molding may be highly decorative with beaded or dentil designs. Some of the crown molding ideas may include using contrasting paint or stain to finish the molding that will add brightness and color to your space.

There are more additions to the home that could add more interest and charm as decorative molding. It will add an appealing and classic decorative architectural feature wherever it is placed.