Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

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Choosing concrete polishing for your floors is way above the aspect of visual appeal, but more about improving air indoors and cutting your bill. Conventional floors like timber, tiles, epoxy, and vinyl coatings have stains and bacteria between grout lines of tiles. When it comes to other coverings of floors, they may end up leaving marks, tear, scratch, and become yellow below UV rays from the sun. Nevertheless, with the concrete floor, there is no need of going through all these hazards, but one polish will leave floors shining for many years to come.

Using concrete to polish the floor is one of the most innovative and economical strategies, and the popularity increase has made it a constant in many homes and other commercial building.


Below are some reasons for choosing concrete polishing for your floors.

Elimination of Dust

When concrete is left without polishing on the floor, they push small dust particles to the surface which then circulates in the air, contaminating the overall quality of air. Also, these particles of dust can end up ruining your concrete surface making your maintenance task very costly. Therefore, polishing the floor makes it very tidy and clean.


Surface leveling

Polishing concrete on your floors transforms small porous surface into a structure that is dense. The polish prevents inhibition of contaminants, water, and oil from penetrating into the surface.



Concrete polishing makes the floor very strong and prevents it against deterioration. Leaving your concrete floors without polish may break it as age bites resulting from temperature fluctuation, rain, improper cleaning, surface stress, and many others. Polishing will improve the concrete surface and then harden it to prevent it against external harm.


Saving energy

With concrete polishing on your floor, there is no need to getting worried about switching your lights on during the day. The reflective nature of your polish on the floor will reflect natural light and maximize it to the extent that you do not require artificial light. This facility will end up helping saving over one thousand dollars each year.


More friction as compared to other flooring

Polished concrete may look like glass but the friction it has is more than other materials. Irrespective of being wet or dry, polished concrete floors meet the standards of the industry, which makes it a hard surface.

Therefore, selecting the concrete polishing option for your flooring option will not just give you benefits but also give you many economic strategies towards leading better life.


Professionals in many areas

From bench tops to flooring and furniture, South Florida Contracting Services has the ability to form anything and set concrete that can undergo polishing to shine.

Polishing is right for refurbishing old concrete floors or creating new low-maintenance, durable, and glossy installations. This procedure provides an option that is cost-effective to accommodate your creative design and budgets.


Why is polishing populous and how does the procedure function?

Walk-behind machines that have rotating abrasive heads remove the layer of the surface on the concrete and give it the best polish. Also, fine diamond abrasives are utilized, beginning with coarse abrasives which remove thickness very fast, and moving to metal bonded heads. From this point, resin diamonds achieve several degrees of polishing to become highly reflective sheen. At one point, in the process of grinding, siliconate gets applied on the floor to harden or densify the concrete. The solutions get absorbed in the mix of the concrete matrix to fill pores. The silicates, chemically, with calcium hydroxide to produce silicate hydrate. Lithium silicate, potassium silicate, and other siliconates are utilized in many proprietary formulations. After infusion into the concrete it crystalizes in place.

The polishing will then continue. Variations of color shades can get impregnated in the surface to provide unique and vibrant translucent tones.

The last concrete polishing enhancement gets applied to the surface. Organic Nano lithium and hybrid inorganic surface treatments are the most current trends on the market. Additionally, concrete enhancers seal concrete floors producing chemical resistant, water tight, hard, and dust repellent surfaces.

The procedure of concrete polishing gets carried out in a dust free and water free environment where airborne dust gets collected by the extractors eliminating over ninety-nine percent and microns.

Follow architectural specifications on the concrete surface by use of a solvent-based penetrating concentrate of dye, acid stains, and water-based stains creating pieces of art from vivid tunes to earth tones.