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We have been in the construction and remodeling business for many years. Our experience, expertise, and skills give us an edge over others in the market. Our employees have all the required training for all remodeling contracts both on residential and commercial buildings. Our experience in the market is vast and the reviews we get from our customers can prove that fact. When you choose us, you will rest assured that our professionals will offer you what you want, will finish the job on time, and the costs will be friendly to you. Choose us to access the best quality of services in the market.


Kitchen Remodeling

Since the kitchen is a proven high traffic area on a constant basis, coming up with a layout that is functional is crucial while planning remodeling ideas for your kitchen. While creating remodeling ideas for your kitchen, we will help you out according to the available space and help you get creative.

We have user-friendly kitchen software we will use to come up with the best remodeling layout for you. A conventional or typical remodeling done over a decade ago has triangular basics where the stove, refrigerator, and sink are in triangle angles with space in the center so that it is easy for the lady of the house to move.

To make the best design points for your kitchen, we use different surface patterns and cabinet designs providing you the best sense of space. Whether we are helping you design or you are doing it by yourself, come to our home center so that we come up with a plan and techniques of handling your job. We will give you a new kitchen.



Bathroom Remodeling


The bath is essential for luxury and rest for many people. There are a lot of things we can do with your bath to make it part and parcel of the home that is enjoyed. We will help expose you to many options of bath remodeling.



Refinish the Tub

This is among the most popular remodeling projects for your bath projects. This is a project that you can handle by yourself, but we can do it in a more efficient manner and save your time. We are available to do improvement for your bathroom and reduce bathroom stress. When we handle remodeling for you, we will add both beauty and value to your bath. We will also handle painting tasks with our high quality paints. We have experience in these projects and good results are our strength.



Concrete Underlayment

There are a lot of reasons for leveling the floor and any type of floor cover installation from the flat floor. We recommend concrete underlayment due to the unevenness, slope, and conditions of the floor, existing floors is not suitable for direct floor covering application, and encapsulating radiant heating of the floor.

Mortar beds have been in use for long in concrete underlayment. Self-leveling underlayments have grown in their popularity over the last decade. Advances in technology have resulted in self-leveling concrete. It is a great way to flat the floor without impacting the elevation of the floor. We have professionals who have the required skills to do all types of underlayments. The installation of these floors requires high levels of skills and know how.



Concrete Overlayment

Cement overlayment, just like stamping, are crucial for imperfection repairs in the flooring. The utilized techniques are different from others. Thin overlays are put on the existent floors, giving it polished and elegant looks. The good thing about overlayment is that the floors become more durable as compared to ordinary concrete. Overlays also allow the floor to withstand a lot of pressure than other floors.

We recommend overlays when the condition of the floor is not very bad. They come in several designs and colors that make it easy for you choose options that can complement your house. Although overlays and stamping will improve aesthetics of your floor, they require additional maintenance and planning than stamping of concrete.



Custom Concrete Services

There are a lot of aspects which go into custom concrete services provided by SoFlo contracting by projects of concrete stamping and are needed by different home builders, building contractors, and architects. Since this is a specialty in services of concrete construction, not any contract has the ability of completing it; therefore, it is vital to employ trained professionals when you want to do this job. To make sure that all projects that need concrete of high standards are well taken care of, we advise you to choose us because we have all it takes in terms of expertise and skills to do the job.

We will help you through planning because it is thorough when it comes to stamped concrete. It involves dissimilar aspects which range from choosing specific materials to the process and various measure needed to be chosen to eliminate issues occurring after completion of the project. 



Concrete Grinding

Do not get alarmed by uneven concrete slabs. Do not allow patios or cracks to launch a time consuming and costly project. Do not fall to the ground or over yourself due to unnecessary hazards of the trip. We have professionals that know all restoration and beautifying steps taken to fix things that seem unfixable. Concrete grinding is the solution to recovering this surface.  

In most cases, unsightly and cracked driveway or patio will discourage you. It is quite easy to conclude that the garage floor, driveway, or patio is a hazardous area. However, with a little use of grinding equipment, the business owner or homeowner can turn the lost cause into surfaces that he will be very proud of.



EIFS Installation

Exterior insulation and finishing system is an exterior wall that offers water proofing and insulation to your building. This can get applied to all types of walling and is popular for both private and commercial buildings. If you employ SoFlo to do EIFS installation for you, they will attach it to the outside of the building with the help of an adhesive. This surface needs to be continuous and flat, without gaps.

The reason behind this is the solid foundation of the supporting wall. We will use the adhesive to attach the EIFS to the wall, but will apply the weather-proofing sheet in between the EIFS and the wall, so that the wall gets additional support in intemperate weather.





We have been installing stucco for long for the purpose of enhancing the durability and strength of buildings. The formula of installing stucco has been undergoing transformation for many years. There are a lot of additives that can be used today in the mixture to provide great effects and quality that will last for long even after the application. This material is great for building. You can put it on very many structures in the home to enhance versatility.

The main reason as to why we use it is due to its benefits. Stucco is both resistant to fire and water, meaning that it provides the needed protection for its surface. It is hard to degrade it because of mildew and mold, which helps in giving the building additional protection from elements of weather.




In today’s economy, it makes sense to think about cost when fencing. Fencing comes in various types of pricing. When shopping, do not forget that some necessitate high maintenance. You may choose different fencing that has warranty protection, which is crucial for the protection of your investment. When you come to us for a fence, we will start by ascertaining if it is legal to install it since there may be restrictions about the heights. Experienced contractors like SoFlo contractors know regulations governing your area. When evaluating contractors, you need to look for the experience of doing business, experience with project, cost, licenses, and insurance. We will give you quotes for fencing.




We have both cost-effective and durable materials for flooring and we advise you to consider ceramic and vinyl tiles. Vinyl is inexpensive, durable, and comes in large color selections, styles, and different patterns. Vinyl is a populous installation we install in many places all over the country.

Laminate is also another populous flooring option. This product is crucial for putting countertops for your business and home. It is formulated by laminating photos of the stone, wood grain, and surfaces into flooring materials directly. It has an advantage of quick installation and lasts for long.

Ceramic tiles are sturdy and beautiful and are great to clean spills. The other aspect to consider is that some choices are more common in some countries and not others. We know what is common and applicable in your area and we will give you what you want.




Whether the construction is from scratch or you are going for a newfangled roof for the home, we have an extensive range of products that are worth considering and are readily available. They include composite shingles, asphalt, wood, clay, slate, and concrete tiles. While choosing the best and strongest roof for the home, style is an important factor but do not use it only. Installation, product cost, and material weight are also influencers of your roofing selection.

Before choosing the materials, you need to visit us at SoFlo contractors to understand the real meaning of roofing. You need to know that our roofers do not measure in terms of square feet but squares. It is the basic measurement for roofing and a single square is equivalent to one hundred square feet. It is also similar to a square side that measures ten feet.



Roof Repairs

The materials used for making the sealants available in our store vary according to your type of roofing. In case you want to prepare for roof repairs, you need to start by knowing how to stop the leak in rain before using the steel brush to eliminate rust and debris around the hole. After you are done with this, you will have to apply the acrylic based or polyester based paint to avert leakage. Some varieties of roofing need low maintenance because their designs are weatherproof; products of such repair include steel, copper, and zinc.

When installed well, roofs last for over one century without maintenance. Any leakage with roofing materials comes from incorrect installation and you need to reach to us immediately. Roof repair products made from aluminum will provide the best solution for roofs that are flat because they are prone to leakage. These products need the same preparation, just like other coats like using a broom to clean the roofs before installing the coat. Stubborn dirt and heavy debris may require blasting to remove.



Impact Window and Door

Energy efficiency in the world of today is the thing that everybody is looking for especially when it comes to lowering electricity bills. Impact windows and doors from SoFlo contractors will allow heat or cold to transfer between the outer and inner environs with minor resistance. The best thing about it is that the windows offer superior ability of insulation to keep the transfer in check; therefore, giving your business or home a friendly electricity bill. Continuous protection is also a necessity for people that know the job of putting the up and down. This is not just a problem but also gives you protection from various circumstances. The benefit of owning impact windows and doors is that you will always be protected.



Pool Screen Enclosures

There are various materials that can be used in making pool screen enclosures for your pool. We have all these materials and the difference is quality and cost. The cheapest require materials that are least sturdy to utilize. If you want the enclosure to last for long, you will have to invest in the best materials for the enclosures.

It may be higher in price as compared to other aspects but will serve towards protecting you. Maintaining the value of the pool will save you so much time and money when you desire selling your property. You can make the most from protection as long as the materials are sturdy and you will enjoy sessions of swimming both at night and during the day. Nobody from outside will sneak in to enjoy your pool as you can lock the space with cleanliness and safety of the pool while you are away.



Popcorn Removal

As a homeowner, when you visit us at SoFlo contractors, you need to ask many questions about popcorn removal. It is quite common to remove ceilings now since homeowners keep updating their homes. When your ceiling is outdated, you will have to choose a new model about innovations in this front, to replace your popcorn ceiling. Textures of the knockdown look better and are good for your ROI. Since the removal of popcorn is quite affordable, it adds value to your home. Before choosing a contractor in your location, consider what we have in store and the value we will offer you.

In case your house is old, practices of renovation like cutting, demolition, and sanding can result in chips and dust of lead that may be harmful to your health. To avoid this, it is advisable to use our contractors who use lead-safe practices aimed at preventing poisoning. All our contractors have the required skills and certification to handle this task. All our employees attend lead-safe training to work on your house without exposing anybody to harm.



Tile Installation

Regardless of the size of the renovation, creating great visuals for the home or refreshing the business, tile installation is the best option to consider. It is quite easy and quick to change the feel and look of your space through the use of the colors and patterns to the desires and needs of the property owner. You need to continue getting to us through the whole process and know techniques of deliberating on initial execution and conception.

A lot of tile installations we do are standard; therefore, a newfangled installation will result in great pieces of conversation for household entertainment. They will bring serenity to your home and for sure, you will have something that is not available in many homes. If you want to raise the value of the abode or home, installing tiles will be a game changer and that will fill your home with the desired potential.



Water Heater Installation

On the front of water heater installation, there is no other company that can be compared to SoFlo contractors when it comes to installing water heaters. We remain a brand to reckon with for installing water heaters. We have many satisfied customers that have helped us stay the best in the market. Since we value you, we ensure that you get the desired services from our skilled and experienced crew.

We have been providing these services for long and the experience we have with water heaters helps you know that we know the best brand for your application and what will serve you for long. We provide professional services that will leave your house very comfortable. Our job is perfect because that is what all our customer reviews say. There are no complaints and regrets for our job and professionals. We get referrals to new customers from all our old customers.



Water Heater Replacement

When you realize that there is leakage in the tank, the first thing you need to do is identifying the source of the leakage. You can then contact us so that one of our professionals comes to see if it can be repaired or it requires replacement. We will come in to do water heater replacement or repairs if necessary. If the tank is more than six months old, the joint may be leaking or may be burnt out, and heaters are always hard to repair.

We understand it is quite hard to know if the water heater necessitates replacement. Making wrong decisions like the bottom of the tank dropping; flooding and damage to the home is the unavoidable result of wrong decisions. You will end up incurring more costs and encourage the growth of dangerous mold. Hiring use will help in averting these issues and your home will be safer and secure for everybody. If there are doubts, choose to ask clients in our database and then rate the services we provide. It is better to be safe than sorry when the repercussions of not replacing the heater come into play.



Concrete Countertops

The admiration of concrete countertops is on high increase. It is easy to identify it because they look great, are solid, and then add earthy tone to the bathroom. Also, they are fully customizable. They are often because their options are boring, simple, and flat. Nevertheless, our professionals that deal with countertop creation will provide them in all styles, colors, and shape you want.

Just like other materials for manufacturing countertops like granite, concrete countertops provide different options on the edges as you will not get stuck to edges that are flat and straight. Many styles are rounded, curvy, and others are fancy to add extra flair to your project. Nevertheless, the edges will just be the beginning of the things you will be seeing in your home when you employ us to do remodeling in your bathroom.



Pool Screen Repair

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The pool is a great addition to the property. If you have a pool, then you would have had issues with maintaining the pool screen. If a pool is on your property, you will have to invest in a monthly budget of refilling, cleaning, and pool screen repair so that the pool remains in use for long.

Normal water lovers and swimmers use chemicals to purify swimming pools but there are moments when twigs and leaves, due to conditions of weather, fall in the pool from nearby trees. As a result of this problem, many people will opt for installing the screen. However, if the existing screen is not functions, you need to get to SoFlo contractors to do maintenance for you. You will have the ability to swim both during the day and at night without getting worried about water cleanliness.



Epoxy Floor Finishing

While concrete may be indestructible, it is pervious to some damages like cosmetic staining and cracking. This ends up ruining the attractiveness of the floor. Concrete is porous and absorbs salt, chemicals, oils, and dirt, which make it tricky to clean concrete floors rightly. When you choose epoxy floor finishing, you floors will become protected from possibilities of damages. Epoxy finishes from us, SoFlo Contractors, have a high-gloss finish that will increase light reflectivity. It will also seal concrete’s porous surface and render it proof to stains. These floors are easy to clean and do not hold pollutants.



Concrete Polishing

Like other pragmatic things of the day, concrete polishing from our company is a trendy aspect among builders. Formerly employed as a subfloor that is covered in readiness for things like wood, tiles, marble, and concrete, it is a versatile practice in the market for showcasing on the versatile stage. However, the use of concrete is still continuing in homes, as large traffic areas like hotels and malls have begun using concrete polishing proves to be a practical and sustainable option.

The main reason for the growth of concrete polishing today is because it is affordable for your concrete floors. In the place of the concrete sub-floor, polishing and using it as the final product will save you cost in terms of materials and labor used in coming up with a new floor.



Commercial Contractors

If you have plans of moving your business or household, building a new business premise, or a house, then you are at the right place. We have the best deals at SoFlo contractors to build your premise. Before starting, we will do the due diligence of inspecting the property, plan, and give you all the involved costs. The costs of building will be the hugest after purchasing, that is, if you are not renting the place. You do not need to know anything about construction because we are the professionals here. You just need to get to us and we will give you all the options you need. We are the best in the market.

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